How do You Find the Balance Between Under and Overcleansing?

You have used all kinds of skincare products, but they may not have worked for you. It all comes down to guesswork and you are not certain about how much product you should use and which way you should apply your cleanser like cleaner brush or gua sha.

It is important to use an ultrasonic pore exfoliator which can help with removing dirt in the evenings, a best seller at Charminizza. Our exfoliator as well as cleaners can help with safely removing dirt and debris from the skin and tackle a multitude of skin problems. Get it correct and you have created the perfect canvas on which you can apply more skincare products to have glowing, radiant skin. Get it wrong and you have irritated and red skin which keeps on getting worse! 

In my personal experience, I did not have any kind of skincare routine in place. A few months I started to build an outline for my skincare routine after having acne and breakouts regularly. I was not self-confident at the time and I didn't like to go outside because I felt embarrassed by my face. The ultrasonic pore exfoliator has really helped to reduce my acne and now my acne has almost completely disappeared. 

Reduced acne was a consequence which was also due to the almost right balance of cleansing. Undercleansing can occur because of the excess makeup, oils and dirt which is left behind. On the other hand, overcleansing can remove the natural oils too much and cause skin sensitivity and redness, which can only go downhill from there.

According to CeraVe's second ever Global Skin Cleansing Survey, an amazing 55% of people tend to over or under wash their faces, and experts warn both could be as bad as each other.

Double Cleansing is a Big No No!

Double cleansing actually does more harm than good! "For me, one cleanse in the morning and one in the evening should be more than sufficient if you’re using the right products for your skin and cleansing deeply and thoroughly every time," says Dr Alexis Granite, a consultant dermatologist.

Let Serum Use Active Ingredients

With increasing focus on potent ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid and vitamin c, many of the cleansers usually contain these active ingredients. It is suggested that you keep cleansers simple, especially if you have sensitive or skin with eczema. "It can actually be more effective to keep your cleansing step super simple and leave the targeted treatments and ingredients for the steps which follow such as serums and moisturisers,” Dr Granite says.

Lukewarm Water is the Best

Many people think that using hot water and then cold water is best approach to opening and closing the pores after cleansing. It is best to not switch extremes and instead choose the best of both worlds.

“When you cleanse your face, you should ideally
use lukewarm water. Water at this temperature will activate your facial cleanser to properly remove product build-up, dirt and grime on your skin whilst also protecting the skin’s natural oils."

Using a cleanser is the first step of any skincare routine and you need to ensure that your first step is off to a good start to ensure that you set yourself up for clean and glowing skin.

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