Top 5 Skincare Myths You Must Stop Believing

You want clear, healthy and glowing skin. But for that to be true, you have to distinguish which are facts and myths. There is lots of advice about skincare spreading around like wildfire and following a rigid skincare routine or spending hefty amounts on skincare products is not enough. Some skincare myths can even cause you harm!

No one wants that and I too was a victim of this. Now let's unwind and debunk these top 10 skincare myths one by one, according to top dermatologists across the country.

1. Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated

There is no evidence that drinking more or less water is helpful or harmful to your skin. It can help your skin become hydrated by avoiding dry air, using a gentle cleanser and moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid to lock in the moisture.

2. Not washing your face

Not washing your face does not always mean that you will be subject to acne. Acne is about the production of oil, clogged pores and bacteria, with hormones and stress playing a critical role in this unfortunate condition. "It certainly doesn't cause acne,” said Dr Peterson Pierre, dermatologist and founder of the Pierre Skin Care Institute in California.

3. Spray tan protects your skin from sunburn

Your simple spray tan only changes the colour of your skin and many people believe that this shields against sunburn. This surely is worse as you are not able to see when you are sunburnt and can be dangerous.

4. Eye creams do not do anything

An eye cream, with the right ingredients and formulated for your specific skin type and concern, can yield well for you. For example, if you have dark circles or puffy eyes due to tiredness, eye cream with caffeine can definitely help with controlling inflammation and brightening the eye area. However, just caffeine is not effective; it should be blended with other ingredients like vitamin c, retinol and hyaluronic acid for removing fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Wounds needs to be exposed to heal

There is sufficient evidence to suggest that your wounds need to be covered and kept moist with petroleum jelly or Vaseline to heal them. By having a dry wound can create the crust around the wound and delay wound healing and make the appearance of wound scars worse. Keeping the wound covered helps to prevent infections.





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